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Concrete Table
Client: Carleton University
1998 - Ottawa, Canada


Design: Chow, Danicich, Haider, Padlewski, Szeto
Dimensions: 152" x 70"
Materials: concrete, steel

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Design/ build collaboration: Gulzar Haider, Raymond Chow, Anissa Szeto, Marcin Padlewski, Stefan Danicich. 1998.: Carleton University, Ottawa 152 dia.x70cm / concrete and steel

Poured on-site as a permanent fixture in a meeting room at the Carleton University School of Architecture.

"A compressive ring reacting the tension field of stretchable fabric holding concrete mass against eight pin-connected, geometrically mutually contradicting pipes that oppose the simple catenary of fabric shaped by fluid above while reacting against the eight pins cast in geometric constellation in the existing flat slab below."*
*Gulzar Haider, p. 99 Carleton School of Architecture Folio Six, Ottawa, 2000

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