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Design: Padlewski, Szeto 2005
Dimensions: 17' dia. x 11'
Materials: wood, polyester, acrylic, steel

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The development of Yurta began in response to our client's need for a more portable and easily assembled version of a contemporary yurt or gher (Mongolian for house). We reduced the structure to its most essential. Wood remains the material of choice for both strength and aesthetics and its capacity to be milled into joints. The main structure is freestanding and becomes additionally more stable when it is covered by a tensioned membrane.

The Yurta is made to travel; it is a true portable building. The complete structure is deployable by two people in less than 20 minutes and without the use of tools or extra hardware. The structure is opened much like a giant umbrella onto which the door, dome and covers are attached.

The Yurta is freestanding and can be setup directly on the ground or on a constructed platform. The circular plan and cross member wall system provide an inherently strong and stable construction in all types of climatic conditions provided it receives proper maintenance during winter months*.

For more information please visit YURTA.CA



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