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'Urban Spectacles'
Competition Aurora Canadese

2003 - Milano, Italy

Design: Chow, DuVernet, Hii, Padlewski, Szeto
Dimensions: n/a
Materials: sculpted foam

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Urban Spectacles is a polycentric journey inviting visitors and residents of Milan to experience the city through a series of pre [scribed] spectacles. Spectacles stem from a virtual root system, emerging in various sites around the city. Seen as organic growths > these tactile forms are generated through an innovative physical process of distortion. They are molded in a direct response to their immediate environment of path, sight and sound.

Cast in a range of materials (opaque to transparent), their surfaces are designed to create viewing and listening portals. By collecting/ magnifying/ distorting significant views and sounds around the city, they function physically as pointers, instruments of orientation and play.

People become public spectacles as each form is experienced through encounter and reaction. These daily events and non-events > un/conscious acts, spontaneous performances, voices, street noise < are recorded against the backdrop of the city. Channeled through the root system, recordings are exchanged between sites and projected onto the surfaces of remote spectacles - transposing the sounds and images within the contours of each unique form.

Displacing each sight from its familiar context is an attempt to provoke residents and visitors to experience Milan through a new discovery. Through these interactive beacons, the collected transcriptions of daily life are ultimately released and projected back into the city as light, sound & urban spectacle