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Kosmic Art Installation
2001 - Ottawa, Canada


Design: Duvernet, Padlewski, Szeto (in collaboration with 15lbs and Racecar)
Dimensions: 243" x 25" x 914"
Materials: polyethylene, plastic

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Kosmic 2001 Art-Installation Design & installation: bakerygroup, racecar and the 2001 kosmic crew Artwork: 15 Lbs Collective: Julian Garner, Juan-Carlos Noria, Jose Garcia (projections)

This live-art installation consisted of three continuous loops of plastic film measuring 8' by 30'. Each loop was mounted on two rotating drums that enabled the artists to remain on the ground level while their ink drawings were moved up and over the crowd during the course of one evening november 2, 2001.

carleton university school of architecture, ottawa, canada