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L'Union Fait La Force
Symposium d'art contemporain

August 2010,
Baie St-Paul, Canada


Design: DuVernet, Padlewski, Szeto

Materials: Wood;scott's pine, spruce; rope; steel

Dimensions 1:
16' long x 12' diameter
Dimensions 2: 30' long x 10' x 8'

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The Bakerygroup had the privilege and honour of being invited and attending the "28th International Art Symposium of Baie-St-Paul". This gathering of artist from across Canada and beyond was an opportunity to share a creative space in a unique setting in rural Quebec. Each artist and group of artists spent a month working on their project, sharing ideas under one roof while open to the public to discuss concepts, exchange thoughts and engage in the process. Bakerygroup's particular approach was largely a culmination of respective explorations influenced by the natural surroundings and recent experiences of members. Over the course of the month, many models were made, walks taken and experiments accumulated, all contributing to the spirit and creation of two large scale pieces. Elements of the local environment and history can be found through their parts, stories both human and natural.




Bakerygroup thanks the Ontario Arts Council for their support.

We would also like to thank Stefan St-Laurent (Saw Gallery, Ottawa) for his support during the symposium.

External link to the sympsium's website: