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LSP (Installation)
Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, Canada. 2009


Constructed by: Padlewski &Szeto
Materials: Salvaged white spruce, hemp rope
Dimensions: Various ranging from 8' L to 12' H

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Once again an opportunity came along to explore something different from our regular line of inquiry.
LSP or the Lanark Sofa Project was presented at the yearly event: Come up to My Room at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto.
Beacause of country living we are fascinated with the abundance of natural material and the way we perceive and use them. We decided to use a fallen white spruce tree in order to produce an installation of semi-functional objects. We set up one main criterion: the objects had to be cut in one monolithic piece, meaning that we used both the trunk and branches together as a whole in order to create the final pieces. The braches became the legs