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Bakerygroup was established by Michel DuVernet, Marcin Padlewski and Anissa Szeto with backgrounds that include fine arts, architecture and engineering. Together the three partners have created and developed a variety of projects ranging from individual custom commissions to designs intended for production.

"We focus on projects that challenge us to create structurally pure and innovative products. Our process draws from the influence of both materials and a hand-made approach to design. ůseek out the implicit nature of materials, experiment with structure, apply function and discover formů expect fresh results! "

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When do you know your head is out of the water ?
Chronology of the formation of BakeryGroup and their Light Volumes by Emmanuelle van Rutten.

Michel (b. Ottawa, Canada) studied Mechanical Engineering at University of Ottawa and has spent most of his adult life in the mountains of western Canada. Intermixed with his heli-ski guiding career has been his partnership with theBakery design group as well as designing from his home and barn-turned-studio near Nelson BC. "The added challenges of living outside of an urban environment can be embraced to accent a creative process. In this day and age one's life can truly benefit from the elements of many worlds."

Michel can be reached here: michel(at)

You can also visit Michel's website here to see his current work:

Marcin (\mar-chin\) Padlewski (b. Gdansk, Poland) came from a climate of political instability and change. In the early 1980's he immigrated through France to Ottawa, Canada. His family was a powerful source of creative influence with four generations of architects, filmmakers and musicians.
Since the completion of his studies in Architecture (Carleton University 97), Marcin has focused on tensile and light weight structures with an interest in traditional buildings and infrastructure. He went on to study Naturapathic Medicine at CCNM in Toronto and is currently in private practice while continuing to explore the overlaps between health and design.

Marcin's website:

Anissa Szeto (b. Hong Kong) moved to Toronto with her siblings in the mid eighties and found inspiration in mix media art and black & white photography. She went on to study Architecture (Carleton University 99)in Ottawa, where she stayed after receiving her degree and founded bakerygroup along with her partners. Perhaps due to the influance of a family of accountants, she is fundamentally extremely organized and meticulous in business management. This strength proved to be very valuable to the group's endeavour.Anissa develops projects inspired by found materials and is an adept textile artist. She currently resides in the countryside of Lanark Highlands with her husband, Marcin Padlewski, and their daughter, where they continue to explore and develop new projects

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